A Little About Our Company

​In 2013 we built our own fitness gym designed to focus on body weight and functional training.  In 2015 we set out to find training equipment that would add a new dynamic to our gym.  After several months of researching what was on the market and what other gyms were using, we discovered that weighted sandbags were relatively unknown in comparison to other types of equipment.  We also realized that they are one of the most versatile and cost effective pieces of functional training equipment available.  We continued to research the brands of the sandbags available on the market and after reviewing the quality and overall functionality of them, we discovered several flaws in either their materials and/or construction and some common flaws in the kinetic and safety aspects.
As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Knowing what we wanted, but not having it available anywhere in the market, we got feedback from professional athletes and trainers as to what they want from a sandbag, we drew from our own extensive knowledge of human kinetics and training and we researched the military required specifications for their training equipment. And in 2016 we designed and manufactured our own Elite Force Gear training sandbags.

The end result? The best training sandbag on the market. PERIOD!

Our sandbag design has been assessed by the Military and as a result, we are proud to say that Elite Force Gear is now the sandbag they demand for their training. Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Educational Institutions, Fitness Equipment stores, personal trainers, group trainers, Spartan Team Canada, competitors of OCR races such as Spartan and Tough Mudder, and athletes just like you are choosing Elite Force Gear sandbags. The one thing they all share in common…They all demand the best quality in their training gear.

We hope you enjoy your Elite Force Gear!

Elite Force Gear Ltd.