Functional Fitness Training works on developing the bodies strength, balance and agility conditioning our bodies to move more effectively and efficiently, helping us to perform our regular daily activities with greater ease.

Elite Force Gear knows when it comes to Elite Sandbag Training, it’s…

Fundamental to have a sandbag that has proper shifting weight, day after day, month after month, year after year!

Necessary to have a sandbag that gives you the ability to vary your training weight, in a matter of seconds!

Indispensable to have a sandbag that has handles that rotate freeley around the webbing, reducing the risk of repetitive wrist and hand injuries!

These are the features that make Elite Force Gear the Sandbag of choice!

And, we took it one step further!

Using sand as the weights filler has become synonymous with sandbag training.  But there are two inherent problems with sand.

1. Sand will always compact over time,  leaving you with a solid weight that does not provide the fundamental shifting weight, And

2. It’s impossible to get away from the sands dust, leaving a mess all over your floors and all over you.

That’s why Elite Force Gears premium filler is utilized in every Pre-Weighted Insert.

So you can rest assured that every time you pick up your EFG bag, you will always experience proper shifting weight without getting a face full of sand dust.

Using the various weight increments, there will be an instability due to the shifting weight every time you pick up and move the sandbag.  This instability, which again is the fundamental principal of sandbag training, calls upon the bodies core muscles (abdominal and low back), major muscles and the stabilizer muscles to activate and control the continuous unpredictable movement of the sandbag.  Every exercise you do, where your body has to call upon and utilize these muscle groups at the same time, will teach your entire bodies muscles to find their center of mass when the balance is offset.  This will produce a functional strength within your entire body that is unparalleled to any other form of training.

When compared to your more traditional weight training workouts; free weights, kettle bell, dumb bell, the sandbag workout challenges the stabilizing muscles of the body.

When training with the Elite Force Gear Sandbag, your body will be forced to recruit muscles in different patterns and sequences during each exercise.  It’s much more than simply lifting and lowering the weight.  Your body will have to shift throughout various planes and angles to accommodate the distribution of the shifting weight thereby expending greater energy.

So take note: it’s not going to be easy… but it will be worth the effort.

The most obvious benefit of Sandbag training seems to be the sheer simplicity.  You don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars in multiple pieces of equipment and weights.  One of our Elite Force Sandbags will give you the ability to do everything you can do with kettle bells, free weights and more.

There is immense variety when it comes to sandbag training, which makes it tough to get bored with these workouts.  Not only are there many different exercises that you can try, but when those get old, you can throw in different hold and carry positions to increase the difficulty. You certainly have to pay attention to your form and posture while doing these lifts, but half the fun of the workout is figuring out just how you’re going to lift the bag!

You are really only limited by your imagination.  Whether you’re rucking, working out or training for an OCR, Elite Force Gear gives you the versatility to do it all.

ELITE FORCE GEAR… Take your training to the next level!